Monday, November 24, 2008

Let's try Beginning the Move 2

Wheew! note to self...use spell check before posting!

First day went slowly but well. What a mass of junk I have accumulated over the years! And more to go through! Day 2 still packing up junk I am beginning to worry that I won't have enough space. NOW IT BEGINS! Throwing out what I really don't need, focus on a few things instead of many things to do! I love making dolls, I have always loved making dolls except the porcelain ones. I would rather design a porcelain doll than make one up using someone else's mold. I hate to sew so the dresses I made were horribly constructed even using a pattern! Here is where I need a partner! Oops tried that...they wanted more money than I could comfortably feel good about! Hmmm, guess I have to sew. LOL! I really don't mind sewing these handmade cloth dolls! Sew on I go!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Begining the move

Yesterday started moving into the "studio," I will have to name it later.

Today, I will start sorting and giving things their designated area. Gosh I hope the works it would be horrible to have a new place and get bogged down with stagnation only because I am too overwhelmed with clutter to move or think! Fingers crossed. (I am the master of my ship...this is my mantra for the week!) Will take some blurry pics for display later.

I have three GrittyJane dolls waiting to be painted and dressed! Can't wait to get to them but first must clear my space and my head!

Was is it about artor creativity and cats? They seem to go paw in hand. I know mine have made me pick up after myself more often because if not I will find it on the floor!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Waiting for the big move to my little studio in the backyard! I don't know where to begin! I fortunately found Art Studio magazine created by Cloth, Paper Scissors magazine! There was a suggestion that like a kindergarten class, everyting has a place. That if you organize your art or materials and or projects in sections that should help. Afterall kindergarteners can pull out and put away their toys, art projects/materials, etc., in minutes! LIGHTBULB MOMENT! Why didn't I ever think of that! So now I will divide my studio into sections and hope that there is enough space and that I can keep it neat and ready to go from project to project!

This waiting is terrible! I have to have some help with the move and so far there isn't any! I have to wait until next week to start. Now to figure out what section to remove from my (sorry about this but I call it my crap room, I plan on changing that after move into studio, wink, wink) craft room!

Last night strong winds, a storm coming in, that also adds delay. I was hoping to get some of my little fairies onto Ebay by now but it doesn't look like that will happen this month. I do love them and it will be hard to sell them...I do hope they sell! They are so cute, they have fishing line so that you can hang them from the ceiling and they look like they are flying! I do have a couple that stand. I may not make any more though, they break so easily when cleaning the greenware (porcelain). So many things go wrong as in firing the little armholes, neckhole, legholes can change shape. Plus they are so easy to break during cleaning the greenware and after firing! It is just too much work! Not that I don't mind work! It is very frustrating also cause I can't really put the time spent on them in pricing!

I have created some cute baby hedgehogs from needlefelting...I have to get some good pics of them first. If anyone is reading this, what is a good camera for closeups and for displaying on Etsy or Ebay?

That is it for now, still working and getting used to this blogging thing!

When you Wish Upon a Star

This doll was inspired by the Article in Somerset Workshop on Julie Bergmann. What fun!
This is a mermaid created by the GrittyJane method!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Making GrittyJane dolls

Since November 1st I have been taking online classes with Jane DesRosier a wonderful artist! I am so grateful to have found her on YouTube she has really inspired me to get creating. Since class if have made 3 dolls and am working on 3 more! What a wonderful experience!

I absolutely love working in clay and many years ago I decided I wanted to make dolls. There was a how to many years ago in one of the old magazines on how to make a wax doll. We had to use Celluclay (that was an awful experience) we covered a round styrofoam ball and on one end we were to use a recycled toilet paper cardboard center for the neck. After smoothing out all the rough edges we sanded it and then painted it with acrylic paint. After painting we dipped the head in melted beeswax, it was really cute but when we moved I tossed it instead of finishing it. I regret that now, I really did a good job!

A few years later I became interested in making dolls once again and made what I call Babushkas. They were cloth folksy looking dolls with a scarf over their hair and the faces were painted on. I would sew dresses for them they were simple and cute but no one was interested so I gave up on that. People loved them and stopped to admire but I was charging twenty dollars a piece and they thought that was too much back then (late 1970's, was there a recession then?), I do wish I kept one so I could show you! I had a few muslin bodies left over and with some modification I was able to use one for the GrittyJane doll giving me a break from having had to sew one. I am not a sewer! But taking this class has changed that!

I bought my first package of Creative Paperclay and found it so frustrating to work with, I just didn't get it. I bought a book on making dolls using PaperClay and once again the Celluclay. The book was by a wonderful artist named Bob (I can't remember his last name at the moment) he was featured in a few articles in Contempory Doll Artist Magazine. Well that package of Creative PaperClay ended up buried in all my other craft/art pursuits and when I found it again I was able to reconstitute it. Recently I found an article by Julie Bergmann in Somerset Workshop and was able to finally use the Celluclay and Creative PaperClay with some success! Now all this after trying porcelain and Fimo, Sculpey, Cernit, etc. I finally found happiness! LOL! I, thanks to Julie learned how to use Creative PaperClay and Celluclay and the secret is WATER! Lot's and lot's of water and a bowl of water to keep your fingers clean! So I was ready for GrittyJane dolls finally. When the student is ready the master shows up...that is true in my case. So thank you Julie Bergmann, Somerset Workshop and Jane DeRosier!!! As soon as I can I will post pics of my dolls!

This is day 11 of the class and I will miss it! Today I have started two more dolls. The ideas just won't stop!

My wonderful husband has given me a small art studio in the back yard and it is almost ready to move into and will it be wonderful to start moving in! My tiny craft room is so overwhelmingly stuffed with things, paints, glue, paper, clay, etc. It is hard to stay focussed! I go in to clean it and end up making it worse because the ideas start coming and I start painting or whatever.

I have a doll kiln in my garage and it is the same way... overwhelming! I love working with clay! I have made some tiny porcelain fairies that I will put up on ebay hopefully sooner than later! I have altered books and boxes. I need room! So we will see what happens!

The moment waits for you....

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