Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve...

and it is snowing! There is over a foot of snow in the backyard and I haven't ventured out to the workshop! I have so many ideas for cloth clay dolls and it is frustrating me that I can't get out there right now!
There is so much to do with getting Christmas dinner ready and of course the house in shape. It is only my son and his gf Heather who will share it with us. This year I am making Paella con Fideo, and we are looking forward to it! Paella always seems to come out tasting great! This is the first time I am using pasta instead of rice, at least for company. I actually prefer it this way! The fideo adds so much flavor after browning it and Paella comes out quicker than with rice!

My latest icon is of Circe who wants so badly to go outside! I put some bird seed out and I won't let her out to scare the birds away...they need there seed to get through this cold weather! So too bad Circe! She can watch through them the window just like me! Yikes, speaking of Circe and bird food I need to get out today and get some cat food!!!

If anyone happens to take a peek here, well happy holidays to you all!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Still cold and snowy....

Just added the finished Evil Lynn pic on the far left.
BTW, it is still cold, hoping for some snow melting today. They say, tomorrow, 12/24 we will get more snow.
So cold outside I dare not try to walk in it! All I need is a fall...NOT!

I can hear the neighborhood kids sledding down the hill in front of our house...oh to be so young!

I am staying inside and working on this collage to the left. Still a work in progress. It reminds me of my hippie friend Evil Lynn, it doesn't look like her but it reminds me of her! She is Mother Earth in persona! I used a garden magazine with some kind of pompas grass for the hair. I also watercolored the face first and am adding slowly as I go along. Plus some other little painting that are not visible. (It is all about symbolism and experimentation).

There are so many things I put away in my little "dream house" and I am really missing "my stuff"! My husband was kind enough to get me some watercolors and brushes and some colored pencils, but I sure could use my stamps and inks right now but won't ask him to get me any thing more, he has done enough. Anyway, he took a fall the other day while walking our dog in the ice! The man loves to take chances! Well now he is limping! BTW, the dog is fine! I also miss all of my collage papers that I had brought down before the snow. I will make do with what I have. I did find some old rubber cement from years ago in the garage and it is still good so that is a plus! The old garden magazine has so many different textures (at least one dimensional)! Thank goodness I left some scissors in the house. LOL! See you later!

BTW, check out this artist...she is terrific! This is her blog you can get her website from her blog.

Also, check out Another really terrific artist!

Well back to my collage I think the glue is dry now! BRRRRRRR!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baby it is cold outside!!

ok the front view on the left and and the back view on the right. I know there are areas colder than here but this is not so common here in Western Washington. I heard it was 10 degrees in Spokane yesterday! BRRR!

I am grateful that we aren't in the Midwest or the Eastern part of the US right now, they are really getting a blast! But for us on the Westcoast...this is just about enough! I am originally a Southern California girl after all!

I was going to do some work in the "the little casita" but will not do that today! I know, I am a coward! With the wind blowing and the low temps it is really freezing out there. The cats go out for about 2 minutes and then the want back in! That is Fwed in the upper left hand corner watching me blog!
Well enough for now...hope everyone is safe and warm!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Little house of dreams pic.

Still not all moved in but I have been able to start a few projects. It has been rainy and cold here so I have stayed in the house sewing cloth doll bodies. Now they are ready to gesso and paint!
I recently ordered Sara Lechner's book and can't wait to see it! I also bought the latest Art Doll Quarterly and was amazed with Elsa Mora's whimsical art dolls. Her blog is she is so creatively prolific like Sara Lechner! I hope to have that rub off on me! Those of you who may see this blog please check out the link to Sara's blog especially if you like working with textiles. I can spend hours looking at the photos of her work! Sara inspired the little angel icon that I put with my name on this blog. I will change the icon now and again as I get bored after a while with the same old icon.
( BTW...I do hope to plant something next to that empty spot there next to the workshop. This workshop does look smaller here than it really is. It is 12' x 10'. )
I hope the next pic will be an inside peek of a clean and organized working area! I hope I keep it that way. So far I have been putting things away after I have used them. After this I will have to attack my garage space and decide what to do will all that unused clay and paint and my kiln. It is so messy it is overwhelming as to decide where to start but I am determined to start!
They say we may get some snow this weekend but we will see!

The moment waits for you....

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