Thursday, April 30, 2009

Assembled and painted...

Here are the little distressed bisque doll, he is about 3 inches tall. Here is the fairy in leaf bead painted, she is about 2 inches tall/long. Now I edited my pics in Picasa and exported my "edited" pics to my pictures and when I uploaded them here they are not the edited ones I did in Picasa! What is the mystery???????????????????????????????? How do I get my edited Picasa pics here? If anyone knows please share? I am sorry my pics look blurry. I took two sets of pics after seeing my first ones were blurry I took some more, better ones, I thought! I am so frustrated that I can't figure this out! Someone out there knows, now here imagine the X-files tune!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The contents of my kiln...

A couple of them anyway. This little guy is from a replication vintage mold called "George." I took him out because I want to see if I can distress him a bit and make him look old. The other is a bead I made from scratch. I have some other picture of this type of bead that I have completed and the pictures were taken in my shop with my visitor Circe.
Now about my beads...I have a theory that fairies bundle up in fallen leaves when it is too cold out. And to prove it here they are. Sometimes the fairies hibernate and get a little mossy. Click on the photos to get a better view if you like.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Upcycled and recycled chopsticks...

I have been working on this little gal in between other projects. I used wooden chopsticks, made a paperclay head and hair. I added wire and beads, old buttons and plastic butterfly wings from a child's butterfly mobile kit. She was a lot of fun to make.

Doll parts in the kiln and...

look at what I bought on Etsy, a do it yourself nesting doll set from the mercshop. This is the kit it should be fun. I don't know just what I will paint on it but I've always wanted a matroyshka set! hmmmm a lot to think about.
The dolls I poured and cleaned are in the kiln I should be able to see them tomorrow, then more cleaning and then some painting. I made a few beads from regular clay and can't wait to see them.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Well I cleaned and cleaned these delicate bodies! They are so fragile and I managed not to break any! They will shrink some in the fire so they will come out smaller than what is shown here. These are the little antique replicas that I poured using white porcelain slip. I have to sand out the line the mold left and smooth out the bodies and parts so that the will be smooth. I may make a few more and hopefully get them into the kiln next week. I will show how they turn out. I made a few beads as well so I am excited to see how they come out. Such a long process and I am so impatient!

Oh Fun....visit to the Dentist

But instead of a lolly pop I got these besides a cleaning and told I need a crown. Not bad so far I do ask if they have any throw away tools and they did! I use them for sculpting and getting into tiny places to clean out around my sink, etc. It never hurts to ask they can only say "no."

I have been pouring porcelain dolls, tiny ones. They are vintage replications. I was thinking I could try to sell them. They are so cute but now I have yet to clean them and then fire them, paint and see what happens. Their arms and legs can be attached using wire, buttons and some strong thread. I will show pictures of progress here soon. Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Inspiration by and...Earth Day and...

My Creative Texture online class. Here is a portrait I did today using decorative paper napkins that Sharon Tomlinson sent to me ( the image idea was from TV Times (my rendition), I used watercolor crayons and pencil, gesso, matte gel medium, acrylic paint and colored pencil. Whew that is a loooong sentence. Oh and text from an old book. All done on a canvas board. The text is blurry...I don't know about resolutions. The text says on the left, "She was fond of power and liked the evidence of it in others." The right side says, "Her eyes rested on him with a secret air of watchful interest."

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Distracted Juggler

The new doll for the Circus/Carnival challenge with Cloth & Clay Dolls group! I started this one a couple of months ago but the weather slowed me down! Lorraine, if you happen to see this yes, that is your old broken bead necklace you sent to me awhile back! I told you I would do something with them! I am working on a recycled or rather "upcycled" doll using recyled objects hopefully that will be done next week!
We have had warmer weather these past couple of days so that sure helps me to get motivated!
Went to Michaels and Joanns today looking for one thing and coming home with 20 things! I need to stop that or bring a calculator with me!
Well have a wonderful week to those that see this blog!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Playing with old photos.

I was playing with some old photos that I thought were boring. These were taken so long ago and before digital cameras I am sure. I watched milliande's YouTube video on altering photos and had some fun with these three. The first two were pictures of a lake with lilypads and so I put them on their side to find the best place to put eyes and ended up with this. I misted them with water and then took an old dental tool and lightly scraped the film away. I then put the two sides together and will have to put this in an altered journal or something. Click on the image and you will see some of the original photos. I really need to work on that cat scratching (pun intended) photo some more, it's jaw looks out of joint! In the meantime I am waiting for paint to dry on my new doll. So spending some time here on the blog and then going lurking onto your blogs!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ahhhh, gray skies once again!

Well we had three great days!

Here is a picture of some of the needle felting I have done. These were scanned so the images may be a little blurry. I don't understand how that happens but it does. The faces I got from ArtChix and they were on fabric, I glued them onto a needle felted piece and then began to needle felt bits of yarn around their faces and then sewed in some beads, leaves and buttons.

Finally working on a new doll.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thank you PTB for some sunshine!

Ahhhhh....there is life after Winter afterall, and a Ms. Circe shot!

I have been is such a funk! I have not been able to pick up a pencil or a piece of clay...hey, that is not exactly true. I just remembered, I made a mold! I wanted to have some porcelain egg beads and darn if I can't find any around here so I made a mold, at least half of a mold. I have called and no plaster molds for pouring porcelain. UGH! Making plaster molds is not something I like to do! I found some neat eggs on an ugly wreath at Joann's Fabrics. The ugly wreath was on sell so I bought it. I got three different sizes of eggs so I am making one mold with 3 sizes of eggs. I was planning to finish the mold today but the sun got in my eyes and I just had to go out to look at some nurseries for flowers. ( It is amazing at this time of the year to see so few in the nurseries but soon!)

I also found a cute tiny bisque doll about 2 inches tall, the arms are articulated. It was made in Japan probably 1940's. I think I may make a mold of her as well. It is funny the lady at the store thought it might be early 1900's but I think Japan was called Nippon at that time. When I took off the little dress (modern piece of muslin) I saw Japan engraved on her back so that is that! LOL! I did not pay for a 1900's bisque doll anyway!

Besides making my mold I have so many new ideas brewing and for some reason or rather some seasonal blues happening I did not write or draw them out. But I will now as soon as I sign off! I did manage to sort of straighten up my workshop without starting something artsy...that was a first! Clean, clean, clean...I must say something though that it is easier to think in a clean area rather than a cluttered area!
Have a great week everyone!

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