Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ta she is...

Before and after. I haven't decided what to call it yet but I had a lot of fun painting this one! I am already planning another one.

If you would please tell me your first impression of this "after" painting. Or any feelings it may invoke, I would love to know. I would like to name it but can't think of anything. Originally I was going to call it Widow's Walk because of the widow's walk on the house in the background. But she does not look like a widow to me. So please let me know I would really apprecate your comments/ideas! Thank you!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Work in progress!

Ok, this photo is a little off balance and it is not the entire painting but I just had to post. I was inpired to paint after the last painting. This time I am influenced by a drawing that was made by John W. Waterhouse. He is one of my very favorite artists! This is done with acrylic paint on 12 x 12" canvas. Maybe you can recognize the house in the background. I borrowed the image from a picture I took in The Dalles Oregon in the 1980's. I used it also in the collage prior to this post. I am taking some time with this one. I had hoped to go along the same lines as my last painted girl but it seems to have taken a different direction. I am having to much fun with this! Actually I haven't painted like this since the 1980's! Makes me want to try oil's again...oh no! Not more supplies, ugh. Forget it I think I will use up what I have! I really need to get rid of a lot of things! You really wouldn't believe my mess!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blahhhh feeling...but...

I did manage to get a collage didn't come out as I had planned but I am happy with it so far. Funny how getting lost in art sometimes it just takes over and voila! I am planning to add more antique lace and maybe some antique buttons to this canvas. I have and added an old picture, some music and old text, some handwriting on the canvas to which I painted first with black gesso. I layed my ephemera on top with gel medium and then painted over it with a beige acrylic paint. I wiped some of the paint off. I then took a transparency of an old abandoned house that I took a picture of a long time ago in Dalles Oregon. I had planned on just transfering the image onto the canvas but it stuck. I think I used the wrong kind of gel medium...when I tried to remove it it took some of the ephemera with it so I put it back on and now it is there forever! I hope!

I hope everyone is having a good day! My brick walk to my lil casita in the back is almost finished and it looks great. Now no more excuses of not going out there to paint in the rain! Good! I will take pics of it soon to share.

I am planning on another painting. I have to decide what to use canvas or wood. I had so much fun painting the last one that I have to try it again! I can't wait.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I did this painting for fun today!

I admit I am inspired by many artist's I have seen in blogland! I try not to copy and will say so if I have done so intentionally. This is something along the line of many I have seen but still my own. Please if you see any resemblance to anyone you know of let me know. I would appreciate knowing. I am particularly inspired by Jane DesRosier, Sharon Tomlinson, and Mystele Kirkeeng. I am inspired by many doll artists as well. As a person who has drawn or painted all my life I have to say it is not my intention to copy anyone but only learn from the art I admire. This computer thing has exposed me to much more art and crafts than I could have ever imagined. So if the lines cross it is not intended. I have sometimes dreamt of art thinking what a great idea only to find someone has already done it! And I still have some ideas that I have not seen in computer land yet. But the gap seems to be closing in on the creativity part with all the exposure. I do need to stay offline more nowadays just to try to stay fresh! This painting was done because I needed something to do. I am having a pathway built to my little casita in the back and most of my supplies are out there and I can't get to them right now because of the construction going on. This was done for self entertainment!

Monday, June 22, 2009


By a wonderful artist! This drawing was done by my friend Evilyn! She should have her own blog too to showcase her art! She is very talented as you can see!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

What a fun day I had making a Manilla folder book for arting!

I spent my day making a manilla folder book! I got the instructions from Moriah Betterly's website, Here are my results. I covered mine, front and back with scrap paper. I used a felted piece I had made awhile back on the cover as well as a golden bird I purchase from I made a pocket on both the inside of the back covers, front and back. I also had some bookbinding tape that I bought a long time ago,
I thought it might come in handy someday, I finally got to use it for the binding. I want to make more of these little books in various sizes! But must first I had better fill this one up so as to not have a cajillion empty manilla folder books lying around along with the added pressue I will put on myself to fill them! Now I can apply Mystele's masking tape technique for the art part! Mystele's blogspot is she is so inspiring, I love her wonderful personality and her artwork! I will post photos when done! I will also try some of Sharon's technique that she teaches at her inspiring blog. using decorative napkins, etc.
Gees, I just checked the appearance of this post and wondered to myself...when will I ever remember to put the last picture first to put it in the correct order! Oh well, I am sure you will get it. The last pic is of the back of the book, etc. Maybe next time I will remember! There is hope!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Well I have been busy making dolls etc.

I finally finished Pipi Van Winkle's tree, the one she fell asleep under.
I am working on my "Upcycled Fairy" the part that holds her.
Not much else going on just the usual refrigerator breakdown and having to go buy another! Colds and stress! Darn! It is so hard to get ahead! Now, if I can find the secret to selling my dolls I should be fairly happy! LOL!
I just thought that I would add that I made the tree using Creative Paperclay and wire on a purchased wooden plaque. The leaves are made of silk ribbon. A little nest and some Creative Paperclay eggs.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I look out my kitchen door to let the "animules" out and lo and behold it is like a shot of flames making my eyes water! Bees? Plenty of them on this flowering Rhododendron! OK, the one on the top left is a little blurry...I did say they made my eyes water didn't I? Oh well!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Here is my entry to the Cloth & Clay Dolls challenge.

The challenge theme was "Sorrow". This doll holds a can of worms because she is lonely and remember that childhood song "Nobody likes me everybody hates me think i'll eat some woooooorms, fat ones skinny ones, short ones, long ones, etc?" That is what this is based on! Don't forget to click on the image to get a better looksee! Now for my next doll!

The moment waits for you....

Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog! I appreciate all of your visits and comments!

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