Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My muslin pages works in progress (wip)...

Here are a few more pages for my muslin journal. The one that is trying to be a portrait (the first one) is me trying to copy Odilon Redon the artist that Julie Ippoliti turned me onto! Thank you Julie. Julie is a wonderful artist! Julie's blog is Go back an older post or two and you will see what Julie posted about Odilon Redon! Odilon Redons' art is so appropriate for, or rather this muslin painting is well suited to his art because of the colors and of his style of painting. I had a face painted but because of the position I was sitting in while painting, it came out weird when I picked it up to look at. The face was very weird so I used acrylic paint to blot it out and will begin again. The last photo is the first one I put up on this blog a week or so ago. I decided to use the back and just painted in more things. The second one (upper right) I was so frustrated with it I coated it with clear gesso. It gave it a tooth and I was able to draw with pencil and more water color. I also added a birds nest to change a really ugly looking hat. Well it may not be attractive I had so much fun experimenting it! The third photo looks like a frog emerging from under a rock. It is not what I trying to do with it but on turning it sideways he just popped out (no pun intended)! Originally the red flowers were to be a border on the left side. Oh well, I can still change that if I choose to!

(I am trying to figure out how to put my works up in a movie mode so that it is all in one place! Anyone know how to do that?)

Friday, September 11, 2009

WIP in my Moleskine

A work in progress. I used color pencil and my Windex technique here and I think I will continue on with water colors. Kind of a slow day for me. I went to the Retina Specialist for my annual check up. Everything is still fine so far knock wood! So while my eyes were recovering from those horrible drops I did only a little bit of art today and this is it. I have no idea where this is heading but can't wait to find out.

It is funny, today when I signed into Google or Internet Explorer the text was super big, which is just fine for me but it almost seems intuitive with the eye drops I had today. The white is still more intense than usual, the effect is fading slowly to normal. This has been ongoing since 9 this morning at appointment! Oh well it is good to see my specialist!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some more muslin pics.

I added a little more to the muslin piece from yesterday. The other pic, the one on the left, is of the back of it. I like the back too, actually, I think I like the back of it better!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My sort of Barely There journal....

I have been playing with muslins now and it is so much fun! I have been using water soluable crayons and pencil, regular crayons and ink. I also used paper napkin applied with gel medium, (thanks to Sharon Tomlinson for opening that arena for me)! Right now these two are each ironed onto a piece of freezer paper, (another Sharon tip), it makes it easier to work on. I hate to say it because it just makes the competition harder but if you go to she has a giveaway! Yes a Barely There journal! I love her blog...also check out the wonderful fun packs that Sharon Tomlinson has created with muslin faces and bits of lace and napkins for a young girls birthday party that she will be attending(what a lucky birthday girl)!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy birthday Lorraine...

This is my older sister Lorraine . I am calling this one Butterfly Garden. I painted this using an old photo of her as my model. This is one of my favorites taken of her when she was about 3 yo. I have used that photo in many different ways, I made her a captured fairy in a jar with wings, I sent that to her last year. With this one I painted her face, arms and legs and collaged her dress on. Yesterday was her birthday and I almost posted this then but decided to tweak this collage a little more. It is a mixed media on wood panel. I used scrapbook paper (I have tons of it), acrylic paint, butterfly rub ons. I think I may take this down to the workshop and cover some of it, or all, with beeswax. Click on the photo if you would like a bigger view.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Here is what I am working on today...

I am working on my journals, finally. I have been enjoying the drawing so much and now I must fill my three journals, inbetween playing doorman to my cats. I have been up since 3 this morning. Just can't sleep sometimes. It is a nice quiet time to start drawing and planning out my journalling.

Here is one of my many muslin pieces after stained with coffee, rust, and bleach pen. Trying to decide which angle to start playing with. I then took an image I had copied and turned it over on top of my muslin piece and sprayed the back of it with Windex. I then used a brayer to press the image down. It took rather well to the muslin. A face emerges. I then added some Portfolio water soluable pastels and heat set all of the piece with a craft iron. I still plan to do more with it, maybe add some stitching.

With a little color added.

Geez, will I ever figure out how to get my blog photos to go where I want them?

What are you doing today?

The moment waits for you....

Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog! I appreciate all of your visits and comments!

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