Monday, May 31, 2010

This is what I did today...

This is a result of Gritty Jane's challenge to do a self portrait...I can't do that so I made a portrait of Jane! I hope she likes it! It is a mixed media on a 11" x 14" canvas. See the picture of Jane's photo on her blog you can link from my blog list below.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More rain, more Naiads...

More inspiration from John W. Waterhouse and his Naiads! This painting is Hylas and the Nymphs!

It is raining and yesterday I tried to organize my workshop and did fairly well with more work to do! Today the rains came once again and I didn't want to go out to the shed and organize I really want to paint today. In my process of straightening up I have put my paints away and had only my cheap little watercolor kit and my Prismacolor pencils at hand. This is my entry in today's Moleskine journal. I worked off a lousy print but that is no excuse for not getting the Naiad in the foreground right. In the painting (the Waterhouse one) her head is tilted more toward the viewer and you can just barely see her left cheekbone and the necessary shading in her hair etc. Oh well, I am not Waterhouse, darn! lol, I really enjoy the face in the background much more and I have an idea to use that face in something by itself! Thank you John Waterhouse! My study is in colored pencil, Inktense Graphite pencil and very inexpensive watercolor kit, very! Just have to post to see what I need to do to correct or maybe just move on. I love my Moleskine! Gees the Waterhouse print on the blog looks better than what I am using. Darn Kodak printer!!! oh well!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

More zendoodling and art journal fun...

A few things to add today! I have so many things going on that I seem to shut down mentally and physically, but, so what! If I could not do this I would be lost! I look for anything to keep the creativity flowing even if it is minimal and the zendooldling is really helping. I keep looking at the Hundertwasser images that Lynne Hoppe put me onto and it is so perfect for zendooling, zentangleing, zen anything! I have even got back into carving my own stamps, hence, the circles and flowers they will be fun to zendoodle around! Still working on my RODF journal but not getting too far but will show when it is finished. I am still working through my Pod Fae, I think I will be making my own arm and leg branches myself maybe using paperclay! At least they have Sculpey heads right now, one has hair.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Zendoodles and cat cuteness...

The Zendoodle is done in Staedtler Lumocolor fine point pen and colored pencils on 6" x 6" Bristol Vellum. This was so relaxing to do I think I will start a journal of Zendoodles. This drawing pad is perfect to fit in my purse I can take it anywhere to doodle and relax.

The second pic is of Circe and Fwed enjoying breakfast! I couldn't resist posting this!

I am still working on my "Pod Fae's" but I am on the search for just the right ingredients, twigs, fauna, etc. I am also working on a journal that has so many steps to it that it is overwhelming and so I am switching back and forth!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

PODS, PODS and more PODS...and

These are the pods my sister sent earlier this year. I think I will use sculpey for the faces and maybe hands and feet. I will try twigs for the arms and legs and maybe if it works out I will show them here. I may try using a porcelain head but the skin color looks off against the pod, I may have to try painting or staining the head to make a good match...we will see.

The snail came about after playing with Sculpey and PaperClay. I had to see what would happen if I used pencil on a pod but maybe I will add some more to it....oh darn I forgot to look for moss and lichen for the fairy clothes. Back to the workshops and/or hunting outdoors on the trails!

Lynne Hoppe got me interested in Hundertwasser so I had bought a calendar with so much wonderful art and colors! Thank Lynne!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sun is still fleeting in Seattle!

I think there is no chance of growing tomatoes this year but things are looking very verdant, very lush and I love that!

But I am keeping busy! Here are a few things I am playing with...two pencil drawings, one in my sketch book and the three heads in my Moleskine art journal.

I found some porcelain fairy heads I made a few years ago. I gave up on making fairies the arms kept breaking so I ended up with missmatched limbs. Now I am left with the just the heads and some torso's. (If you'd like to see some of the fairies that made it check out my Etsy shop, I have sold a few and they are precious. I have made them so that they hang on fishing line and look like they are flying.) My sister sent me some pods that she found on one of her walks and I think I may make a few fairies using the porcelain heads and or sculpey and they will be simple and cute. If they come out I will put them in my Etsy shop and cross my fingers! They will be a little smaller than the ones already there. These may end up being 3" tall, anyway that is how tall they are in my head right now!

May already...can you believe it?

The moment waits for you....

Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog! I appreciate all of your visits and comments!

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