Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lynne Hoppe this is for you...

It was you that said you have acute lip envy right? I hope so or I am going to be really embarassed!!!

I like to browse different magazines for hair and eye inspiration...I really like the mags with a different look. I found Zink magazine and saw this and thought of you Lynne! Hope you enjoy it!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Still working on my art journal pages...

I have been working on this Moleskine art journal for over a year now. I still have about 20 or more pages to go as I do paint, draw, collage on both sides. Maybe I will glue a few pages together. I can't say how wonderfully peaceful it is for me to work on this little journal especially since I am waiting for my kiln to turn off. It helps me pass the time because I still have that little girl in me who loves Christmas and wants to hurry up and open my presents and this is only a bisque firing so far! I still have to paint and glaze and refire. I have painted in other journals along the way, they are incomplete but I have them to look forward to when this one is done. Who knows maybe I will incorporate some of those pages into this one. I try to draw or paint something everyday.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

This is fun...

I used Sheer Heaven, a manipulated printout, nail polish remover ( you are supposed to use Rubbing Alcohol but I had nail polish remover at hand), graphite pencil. The top one is just touched up with graphite pencil, I will do more to it. The second photo is the same but enhanced using Picasa to make adjustments in color tones. Having fun. More info about Sheer Heaven on At there is a demo video it is also on youtube just enter Sheer Heaven in the search.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sketching my day away...or not.

I should be cleaning, putting things in there proper places and making more room but I just don't want to! TY E for buying me a new sketch book and some water soluable oil paints today, can't wait to try them out!

Thank you Ariel for allowing me to sketch you from computer photos. The one on the top is Ariel! I want to try to paint this but for now just having fun.

Yesterday I got some earth clay and made some bird beads and some other pendants, if they turn out well after firing and painting I will show you...probably in a couple of weeks.

But I do have to clean up my mess/messes!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Struggling to keep the muse alive...

Ok, I know it is not good to start off with the negative but I am not happy with this one at all but still posted it. I think something in me is changing as far as creativity goes. I am leaning toward a direction finally but still can't quite get a grip on it. I like fantasy, I love surrealism! This little mermaid is a diversion to remain in the creative mindset. I need to draw, paint, make something everyday or it just dies in me. I can't bear to not be creative what else is there? So I have decided whether I like it or not I am posting it, kind of like a diary of artwork by me. Sounds self indulgent but that is what it is! This one is mixed media on wood. Please any comments will be great if you'd like to leave one or more. I am a big girl and would love critiques as well. I can only learn. The one on the left is just one I did for fun and to fill my art journal.

The moment waits for you....

Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog! I appreciate all of your visits and comments!

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