Saturday, May 19, 2012

More teabag art..

I really do need to take a better picture and I will but later.  This is teabag, vintage text, Rusty Bits from Random Arts all on top of a watercolor I did several weeks ago.  I like that there is still some tea leaf bits in the bag.  I think I will put some Dorland Wax Medium over the tea bag.  I did do an underpainted (underside of the teabag after drawing on top) using an irridescent paint by Liqutex.

Click on the picture for a closer view if you like.

Friday, May 18, 2012

All in one morning and I am not finished...

I have done some playing around with transfers, washi tape with some interesting paper I found.  Some teabag painting, stamp carving, made a frida stamp (that doodling in the upper right is my Frida stamp test), and a poppy seed pod stamp, some little doodle stamps. I let my cat's in and out and made breakfast, took a shower, and I am not finished, it is only 11:00 a.m in the morning.  I still haven't cleaned my craft room!  I bring this up because Gritty Jane asked the question the other day about having so many ideas in going on in your head.  Here is her question from FB...

"Ever feel like you're pulled in too many artistic directions? Like I want to do abstracts...I want to do block prints...draw with india ink...sculpt...practice line drawings...collage...use oil paints..."

Well, I also go through this everyday and sometimes these thoughts make me freeze up creatively and I almost feel comatose.  I am starting to feel that way now.  I couldn't stop this morning until I started to feel exhausted.  Exhaustion from having so much going on in my head like hearing the whole world chattering at once.  But I like it!  I also like silence!  I love silence!  But I feel if I am not painting, drawing, doodling, or thinking about it I will die!

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Portrait on a Tea Bag

One used teabag, one piece of old text and some watercolor crayons plus water.  What fun will have to try more of these.  Thank you Lynne has a tutorial about painting on a teabag on her blog!

Friday, May 4, 2012

My Frida for the Frida challenge...

Jane DesRosier ( started a Frida for May challenge on Facebook.  It is a lot of fun to have these challenges!  This Frida is on 9" x 12" Canson Sketchbook paper.  I used graphite pencil and Letraset Permamarkers and chalk pastels on this one.  I had several Frida sketches ready so maybe I will finish them and put them up here so as not to inundate Jane's FB page with my Frida's.  You should see Jane's wonderful Frida doll on her blog!  To see the results of Jane's challenge on Facebook you just have to frien Gritty Jane on FB.  There you will see an amazing collection of art in my opinion.  The challenge seems to keep adding more Frida's every hour!

The moment waits for you....

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