Thursday, September 27, 2012

I love Klimt!

Yesterday I had just finished my copy of a part of a Klimt painting.  I wanted to try and get the flow of his work as I feel I am rather stiff when it comes to painting.  I did this painting with gouache in my moleskine journal 8" x 5."  I want to paint it again but making the subject a redhead!  I love redheads!  Anyway, Jane DesRosier sent out a message from her new website and in it she was beginning another Klimt challenge so of course had to put mine in.

I have discovered I am too impatient to paint all the design motifs that Klimt uses...geez he must of had a ton of patience!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

What I do when I am bored...

The top piece is my brush cleaning cloth.  When attempting to oil paint the other day and not really feeling it I folded my wet messy cloth over itself so that the paint would not get all over the place.  I had used the paper pallet pads as my paint palette and had some extra oil paint left over.  When I was finished I folded my paper palette and opened it again not wanting to waste the leftover paint, I put a piece of sketch paper over the palette and what happened was the bottom part of this picture.  I then put the cleaning cloth over the sketch paper and blotted up some more paint from that.  I decided the blobs on the cloth looked like eyes so I started to sketch a face out of the mess on the cloth (still working on it, I may have to do some stitching as well).  The paper I used to blot my palette looks interesting to me so will have to add some doodles and fun stuff.

 (Wake up muse, I am waiting for you!  I am feeling like a motherless child without you!)

The moment waits for you....

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