Saturday, January 26, 2013

Taking Misty Mawn's Face to Face class...

This is what I did with charcoal and pastel.  This is my rendition of English artist Dora Carrington.  I found I am really enjoying charcoal!  Have to play some more.


Julie-Ann Bowden said...

Oh gorgeous!

Zorana said...

Oooh, so good!!! Those eyes, the expression... Pretty amazing!

Anonymous said...

That is good but it looks VERY heavily inspired by Edward Weston's photo of Nahui Olin.

Right down to the eyes: Olin's were green but Carrington's were legendary for their blue colour.

Paul said...

@ Anonymous.

I followed your link; you are correct the resemblance is extraordinary. The drawing is good, but it is not Carrington I fear. In fact it reminded me a little of Iris Tree.
This was Carrington's self-portrait

She was not an admirer of herself - an attractive quality up to a point.

I think that the "answer" lies somewhere between the two.

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